Outside In (20 October to 4 November)

Outside In
20 October to 4 November 2017

Hope can be a tough sentence.


Seven women navigate their lives and themselves inside prison, trying to manage how much the outside seeps in. As a new inmate arrives and another prepares to leave, the cracks appear in a dangerously-thin veneer of order.

In 1982, Hilary Beaton created the story "...to create roles for women where they are seen as the subject and not the object.”

This should be a contemporary classic

"Brutal, funny and at heart, a love story…. an intensely honest portrayal of seven women's lives within the hostile world of prison." (Playmarket)

Written by Hilary Beaton

Performed by Belinda Campbell, Sarah Clarke, Meti Fenwick-Nevin, Kerry du Plessis, Jennifer Piper

Venue and address

wit incorporated, 8A Hyde Street, 3011 Footscray, Australia

    Tickets for 20. October 2017

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Outside In (20 October to 4 November)

This event in Footscray was published by wit incorporated.

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